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Safety Policy

Haryana Logistics Packers And Movers in Ludhiana aim to work our way through the visions and missions by avoiding any damage that may prove to be a hindrance in the path of our growth as an organization. “As long as you are not relocating to the moon, Haryana Logistics Packers And Movers can box your goods and help you relocate to anywhere you want!. Our strengths and dedication towards our profession is defined by our core values. We conduct our business in a manner that is above reproach with the highest ethical standards. The mission and vision of our organization diligently acts as the compass and map to fulfill the company’s capabilities and proficiency. Our experienced Sales Team takes the time to listen in an effort to provide you a competitive moving package that best meets your needs and budget. Therefore, we have designed a safety policy consisting of elements avoiding any kind of damage.

  • Zero Net Emissions
  • Zero Motor Accidents.
  • Zero Fatalities..
  • Zero Injuries.

Some of the features of safety standards we follow are :

Safety Belts

We secure your valuable belongings by using a specialised belt system in our trucks, which fixes the goods at top of the vehicle, hence keeping your goods intact in their position during transportation.

  • Enhances strength and durability
  • Reduces risks of damage
  • Firm grasping power
  • Each item tied with a separate belt

Personal Locks

We provide our clients with the facility of using their personal locks and keys on Trucking Cube (Container) which gives them the secured feeling of transporting their goods from origin to the destination place.

  • Utmost Care
  • Personalized Facility
  • Cost-effective option
  • Peaceful Movement
  • Enhance Durability for Storage

Safety Nets

With the help of these nets, we secure the electronic or heavy items to a position with the walls of our Household Carriers. These safety harnesses provide a firm grasp to the luggage so fixated, which saves them from getting damage at the time when the carriers are brought to a halt or during a mishap.

  • Secure Move
  • Safe Transportation
  • No Damage during the transit
  • Complete safety to your consignment
  • Keeps your goods intact

Plant Carriers

Your loving plants get special attention at the time of relocation with the help of our Plant Carriers that are particularly designed to carry them safely with other household goods without any breakage.

  • Fixation of plants at one place
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • No mixing with other goods
  • 100% assured movement
  • Absolute satisfactory service

Pet Carriers

We relocate your beloved pets with same care as we do for your belongings. We use specialized Cages for taking your pets along with you at your desired location, by keeping safety at our top most priority.

  • Provides comfort and warmth
  • Prevents pets from outside environment
  • Economic and portable
  • Enjoyment while travelling
  • Keeps your unwanted stress away

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